Bring back the glamour!

My passion is making unique pieces of jewellery of quality. With care, integrity, and attention to detail.I only make one of a kind pieces including sets. Some of my creations may be the same but in a different colour depending of the supplies I have. Nothing made by me is mass produced; and made with good quality supplies.

Dress up or dress down depending what mood you are in.Create a new trend if that is your thing,So long as you feel a million bucks you can't go wrong..

I am in the process of making a collection of different styles and designs for most ages.Which will  include;

Vintage Style; Shabby Chic;Glamour; Bohemian; Chunky; Gothic; Weddings; Whimsy; Classic; Any special occasions including those special dinner dates;Proms; and gifts.



No two are exactly the same and most are one of a kind and will not be made again.

Crystals, Glass, Pearls,                             Prices range from  $10.00 to $200.00.   NZD                                                          

Semi precious Gemstones,                                                                                        Necklaces only,  

Silver, Gold, Bronze,                                                                                                Necklace and Earring sets,

Gunmetal Chains and findings                                                                                 Necklace, Earring, and Bracelet sets,

Leather Cord, Waxed Cord,                                                                                     One only four piece Set

Charms, metal, buttons and beads,                                                                             Bracelet and Earring sets

Handblown Lampwork Art Glass. *Not made by me!*                                                Bracelets.

Handblown Art Glass, *Not made by me.*                                                                 Earrings

Fuized Art Glass, *Not made by me.*                                                                         Pendants                                                                                     

*                                                                                                                                                            FREE SHIPPING IN NEW ZEALAND ONLY

To go to my shop hover over 'HOME' and click on 'valarie'. That will take you to my shop enabling you to  see what I have so far.

I have posted a photo for sizes of necklaces so you can see where they sit when wearing. compare photos. 

Have a happy day.                                                                                                                                              FREE SHIPPING IN NEW ZEALAND ONLY.

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